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Sacred Gate -SG
Sacred Gate Campus is known for it's progressive experiments and special institutions and emphasis on intensive skills training. It's located in the left area of the Academy. Rumor has that many secret experiments, researches and development are conducted inside the building. As a result SG produces an ideal environment with a looming serene forbidding ambience for Fighters and Swordsmen. The dignified, blue uniforms are buttoning from top to bottom, with white striped sleeve.

Mystic Peak - MP
Mystic Peak Campus is renowned for its arts and crafts; the environment displays colorful, vivid hues. Academy students who long to be imaginative and creative can choose this campus. Compared to the other two campuses, Mystic Peak Campus uses a livelier, rich decor. Mystic Peak's stained glass windows reveal its emphasis on arts and crafts, a creativity-oriented campus which tailor-made for sorcerer students' effervescent spirit. Their stylish uniform is in navy blue with white stripe sleeve.

Phoenix - Phx
Phoenix campus is known for its aristocratic setting where mostly attended by elite students. The campus recruits students from high society. These self- disciplined students are renowned for their perfection driven lifestyles. The campus is an ideal for those Swordsmen and Archers students.
Their decent uniform is navy top with white pants or skirts.

Leonine - Leo
The last of the campuses is Leonine of the east. Due to curiosity of several students, the campus is now covered in a ghastly atmosphere and unknown chemical gases flowing in and out. No one could recall what the once glorious Leonine used to look like...

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